Teaching kids with (no longer supported) Flip Boom

I’m looking to teach some young kids animation and Toonboom’s old program Flip Boom would be great for this. (Not sure the differences between Doodle, Classic, and All Star.)

I understand that Toonboom is no longer selling it. I did, however, find a trial of Flip Boom classic on CNET’s Download.com. I installed it on my PC and it will expire in 7 days.

Did Toonboom ever make this program “free to use” now that they’ve retired it? Similar to what Adobe did for their CS2 software? If so, what should I do to activate it?

As an animation professional, Flip Boom isn’t much use to me other than as a teaching tool. It would be great if this was opened up for use, especially since Toonboom Harmony is more complicated and not for young kids. Flip Boom is a different market.

Alternately, are there any other kids programs people could recommend?

As far as I know, “Todays Kids” are far more intelligent / clever than most adults might think.

Don’t start with a program that is already obsolete…
Use something that is readily available and upgradable… Where everybody can excel with…
Nothing is more frustrating to reach the end of the road… finished…

2D recommendations:
Toon Boom Harmony Essentials ($ 375)
Anime Studio Debut ($ 50)
Synfig Studio (free)
Pencil (free)

3D recommendations:
Blender (free)