TBT files are driving me insane. PLEASE help

I downloaded some templates and animation charts.
These are all .tbt files.
However I cannot open them in the Harmony Toon Boom Premium
Library window. When I attempt to import it only gives me options
of importing ai, pdf, swf files.

And when I add folders only .tbl files seem to work.

Please advise!

I’m not sure, but isn’t that format from Toon Boom Studio? Harmony might deal with some legacy formats, but if you’re trying to work with templates from TB Studio you probably won’t be able to use them on Harmony. Harmony template standard format is .tpl.

Luis Canau

I think you are right… but WTF… If Premium is their flagship product and they are releasing awesome animation charts and templates, wouldn’t they want them to work on their most expensive version of the program?! Just unfortunate.