TBStudio V4 vs v3.0

I’m thinking of upgrading from TBS 3.0 to 4.0, but I’m just not sure it’s worth a hundred bucks.

Are there that many improvements in 4.0? Or should I wait for another update, assuming one is coming any time soon?

ps: the 30 day demo ran out on me before I got to play with it much. I do seem to remember my Wacom tablet was having some problems with the 4.0 demo.

There is significant differences between V3 and V4 as to if it is worth the upgrade cost that depends on how you use TBS and what you personally consider of value.

Here is my recall of just the biggest feature changes and additions by version

V3.5 added drawing and image elements with integrated pegs as well as changes to scene planning tools and things like a button to toggle onion skinning off or on. It also included show outlines for onion skinning, and a drop shadow effect, and convert lines to brush was added. Also there were enhancements for importing and exporting content and rendering, and the ability to export and import color palettes.

V4 added user interface layout customization and better dual screen support, import and vectorize with textures, combining the perspective tool with the drawing select tool, feathered edges, multiple brush shapes, stokes creation using the center line drawing tools, orient to path for motion guides and improved onion skinning.

So the differences between V3.O and V4.0 are quite significant. -JK

Thanks. I understand that it depends on personal value and all that.

More specifically:

-Can 4.0 import a series of pngs or tga files with transparency?
-Can you adjust the stroke thickness of a curve from point to point?
-Can you delete unwanted cells without having to go to the library, finding the scene, then the drawing, then the cell, then pressing delete and confirm?
- Is the color picker the same or did they improve it?
- Can you automatically extend ALL exposures to a certain point in the timeline?

3.0 has the onion skin toggle button



that process is only needed if you want to permanently remove the cell

The color picker is the same because it is Operating system specific


Hope that answers your questions -JK

Thank you JK.

Hey ToonBoom, why don’t you do away with the “30 day trial,” and just disable saving or exporting or use watermark.