TBSP consistently crashes when moving in 3D from the camera view window

Bringing this up in case others are experiencing it as well.

I use TBSP every day for work and there is a bug that has been driving me crazy. In the camera view window if you make a 3D transform there is a high probability that the app will crash. Its happens to me so often I habitually save before even mousing over the camera controls. If you try to make the same camera moves from either the top, side or Stage views the odds of it crashing the system go down. Its driving me nuts. Its not a memory issue because the bug effects at random on large and small files.

When it happens then there is a 100% chance of repeating the crash if you attempt the same move in the camera window. Just click on it, CRASH. every time. The only way to continue working, is to try and move the camera from a different window. Like I said, pretty sure its not a memory problem because everything runs normal outside of this. For what ever reason, 3D camera transforms from the camera window are unreliable.


I just had some similar crashes the I DISABLED
Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Full Scene Antialiasing

and now it seems like the crashes have stopped

Kind Regards Mads

By the way . it is on my computer wich only have Intel HD graphics that Storyboard Pro crashes. On my other workstation with an AMD Graphics card there don’t seem to be this problem. I will have to look at the settings in the ntel hd graphics to see if I can change something and make it work

Animation software relies heavily on the system’s graphic card and the Intel onboard cards are underpowered for animation. Your best results would be using a dedicated graphic card which has the same profile as a “gaming” card.

Be aware also that if you’re using a Cintiq or other extra monitor that the graphics resources are split between all the displays. Two monitors equal half the card’s resources for each. Three monitors will leave you with a third…