TBSP 2 keeps crashing when I try to add a sound sequence

Hey folks,

On a Mac.

I go to sound - import sound sequence…and the import sound sequence window pops up. I click on the browser button and the program crashes.It’s been 5 times in row… I was able to add a sound sequence once with no problem, it was a garage band song I created (which I later deleted from the project) if it helps, that GB path remains in the browser window everytime I try to add a new sequence.

I’ve tried deleting the GB path, typing in a new path, optimizing, re-starting…no luck.

anybody have any ideas that could help?



I do not know if you have tried on the path where there is no special character for the folder name (ex, ripp.band). Best way is to have a folder or destination only contains English letter and numbers only. If it still crashes, try using different sound format such as uncompressed .WAV.