TBSi v3.5 timeline?

My primary reason for purchasing TBS 3.5 is internet conversations about how great creating content in TBS is and how it would greatly add to my Flash creations. Major problem! No importer available. If I just want to import swf files, I could create in Xara or even Illustrator. When is it due? I can’t backtrack in the middle of my project. If it will be soon, I will work on learning how to use ToonBoom. If it will be next year some time, I don’t have the time to animate and sync everything twice.

If I had known, I might have held off until the importer was ready.

(I bet you already know this, but…)

You can export .swf from Studio, it just won’t have the sound with it.

One workaround is to export the .swf, and import that into Flash, then export Quicktime, and use Quicktime Pro (or some other NLE program) to export the sound, then import that into Flash.

Not quite the same as TBSi, but a solution. I’m looking forward to it as well. I suspect they’re in high gear about it.

Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 build 59 / G4 iMac OSX 10.4.8

Hi Rob,

please recheck your .swf export - here I can export with .aif or .mp3 and both
files play the sound, in QuickTime, SWF Movie Player and Browser.

I don’t have Flash, so i can’t say if the sound plays in Flash as well.
You might be so kind and check that out for me.


Nolan, I believe that Rob was referring to the fact that when you import a SWF file directly into Flash that any embeded sounds are not imported (a Flash related restriction). This is a major draw back to direct importing of sound synced SWFs that are exported from TBS and one of the major reasons that people would use the TBSi importer instead. There is no sound export problem that I have determined in creating SWFs from TBS v3.5. The problem under discussion here is the fact that the TBSi importer has not yet been released that supports exports from V3.5. I’m confident that this will be forthcoming in a matter of weeks. -JK

Hi guys,

The importer is mostly finished. We are testing this week and planning to announce the release this Friday.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi JK,

Thank you so much to take the time to let me know about
.swf-sound-export-import and FLASH (I really had no idea).

It’s always so enjoyable to learn something new and interesting.

Hi Rob,

Please forgive me behaving so ignorant, to even assume,
you wouldn’t know already.