TBSi V3.5 ready !!!!

Dear Boomers,

The Toon Boom Studio Importer V3.5 is ready for download. You will find it here:



The download page on the website will be updated later this week.



This is much appreciated. Thanks.

Just as a follow on note, the ‘readme’ document included in the MAC version of the TBSi3.5 importer ZIP file is written for Windows and not for MAC.

Perhaps I am incorrectly installing the TBSi MAC importer, but it doesn’t appear to be recognized by Flash MX or Flash MX 2004 on the MAC PowerPC. There is no option for Toon Boom Studio files to be imported in the file types selection during Flash importing. OSX 10.4.6 running on PowerPC Mac. Help? -JK

Well done and thank you!!

oopps My bad.

To install on Mac copy both Plugin and bundle file in:

Flash 8:
/Application/Macromedia Flash 8/Configuration/Importers/

Flash MX/MX 2004:
/Application/Macromedia Flash MX (2004)/First Run/Importers/

I have updated the installation instructions in the readme file.

You can download it again.

Thanks JK,

I downloaded the PC Flash Importer and it works like a charm! It made my day. Renews my faith in mankind. Now I can concentrate on learning TBS as I know I can transplant directly to Flash. Thanks big time.

Hi Lulu,

The TBSi is now officially online so the temporary link Mathiey made have been disabled. You can get it from the following page:


If you have problems let us know.

Best regards,


We continue to not be able to install the new TBSi importer for Flash MX or Flash MX2004 on our Mac system. When trying to import in either version of Flash the Toon Boom Studio file type does not show up in the list of importable files. When we reinstall the previous version of the TBSi importer, it installs correctly and the Toon Boom Studio file type does show up in the list of importable files.

We are running a G4 PowerPC OSX 10.4.6

The new import file paths as listed in the install text document do not match the file paths on our Mac

Our file paths are:
for Flash MX
Applications>Macromedia>Flash MX>First Run>Importers

User>Concepts>Library>Application Support>Macromedia>Flash MX>Configuration>Importers

for Flash MX2004
Applications>Macromedia>Macromedia Flash MX 2004>Configuration>Importers

technical guidance and assistance would be greatly appreciated -JK

Hi JK,

I just want to let you know that we are currently investigating on the problem that you have with a similar machine. When we come up with a solution we will let you know.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,


Hi JK,

I fixed the problem that was cause due to some information being re written when transfering to a non Mac OS X system (like our webserver).

I created a new package that works with Flash MX on every platform.


I will ask the webmaster to update the website later today.

Sorry for the trouble guys.


Mathieu and Ugo,

Most appreciated, it works great using that updated file. I tested it for both MX and MX2004 on the Mac and the import feature is now operating as expected. Thanks again -JK

hi guys,
i’ve tried the file exchange between the tbs and flash (v8), but in the end i come to the same obstacle:

the flash installation on the other machine (pc) is a german one, with another installation path as an english one. flash doesn’t seem to recognize the ‘alien’ library, although i copied the importer files into the ~/configuration/importers folder. the original german installation doesn’t recognize anything.

i then set up the ‘english’ importers path described in the importer readme doc (created a blank impoters folder using the english installation path notation), then the tbs project file got a flash icon, but couldn’t import it either, there was no installation along the ‘english’ path.

any suggestions? alas, i don’t have any administrator’s rights on that flash application computer. would the path settings help? if yes, how to set it?

thanks in advance.

Hi Rob,

We had tested the tbsi with english/chinese/french and everything seemed to work fine. Although I would like to know more about what you have tried.

First of all you should put it inside the real installation of Flash so creating the path, though being a good idea, should not solve the issue. Basically you need to make sure to drop them in the importers folder of the Flash installation. Once it is there could you try to go in Flash and see in File>Import if the tbp is in the file list that can be imported.

If it is not the case please contact us at techsupport@toonboom.com and we will see if we can manage to create a similar setup to test it.

Thank you,


the german installation path is a
c:\programme\macromedia\flash 8<br />
and the importer files are then under:

i copied the importer files into the ‘importer’ subfolder, where the other files already resided (AIImport.dll, Fireworks Library.dll, AI_EPS_PDF_Import.dll, a.s.o.). the copying hasn’t any result, not even the tbs-project files have changed the icon from the unknown ones.

first the copies into the new (blank, with no physical app installation) path:
c:\program files\macromedia\flash 8\en\configuration\importers

resulted in the change of the tbs-project icon into a flash one.

but the import of the tbs project into flash still winds up in a pop up window: ‘unerwartetes dateiformat’ (‘unexpected data format’)

that’s all i did, more or less…


flash main menu: file > import
has only either a flash document (.fla) option, or all files (.*) one…

Hi Rob,

I’m starting to think there is actually something wrong with the installation of Flash on your machine. By default if you go to File>Import>Import to Stage you should have a list of formats other then the basic fla file. Most of them are now packaged in Flash, format such as ai, freehand, swf. If you don’t see them in the list this most likely mean that Flash can’t look in the importer folder at all. This would explain why you don’t see the tbp format or any other.

The best way to see if that is the case is probably to reinstall and see if you have those formats with a fresh install. I’m not sure you have access to those file but if you want you could try to download the trial version on another machine and see if it works. If it does it would be a good idea to mention this issue to the one who administrate the machines.

Best regards,


that was my recent suspicion, that’s why i edited my posting with the additional information.

on the other hand if the german installation can’t read the importer folder in the original folder structure, i wonder a bit why the tbs project file’s unrecognized icon turned a flash one after i copied the tbs importer files into the importer folder in the fake english installation path.

anyway, i’ll try to approach the administrator in that company, i’m only a guest there.
many thanks for your feedback.

Hi Rob,

I suppose that since it could not access the path in German it looked for the default path which is the English language one. After setting up the folder hierarchy it found out the format that could be loaded, yet didn’t find the resources to interpret the file. In any case this is a weird situation.

Let us know if you got any news about the issue.

Best regards,


sorry, my fault. in my borderless ignorance about flash i tried to import the toon boom project into a blank flash project file, and not into a flash document.

now it works fine, although one of my projects has been imported upside down. jeez, is the rotating of the drawing elements my destiny? i have experienced such a sudden behaviour in one of my tbs projects… :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for the annoyance 'bout the importer :wink:

Hi Rob,

Is the project that is imported upside down a constant error. If so could you provide us that project so we can check if something is done in the conversion or some information is missing.

You can send the project via e-mail at techsupport@toonboom.com. If it is too big let us know and we will set a ftp folder.

Best regards,


hi ugo,
no, it was another one. i have imported two, and one of them was upside down.
i’ll check all of them in my spare time and post a report.