TBSi v3.0

I bought the upgrade to TBS v3.0 but the ToonBoomStudio Importer seems to work only with 2.5 files.

In the end I am using still TBS 2.5.


When will the ToonBoomStudioImporter v3.0 come ???

I’ve got the same problem but I don’t have the 2.5 Version. I hope the guys from Toon Boom will make a new-working Importer PlugIn for TB3 and MX2004-Pro …

About one week ago i got this answer from the support:
Sorry for your inconvenience. I will update you shortly.


Still waiting…


This feature is for me a real purchase decision!

Any more news? I purchased this product to enhance my Flash animation workflow. Without the ability to import the projects into Flash it’s of no use. There isn’t any way to save as an older version either, is there?

And will it work with Flash 8 ?

Hello? Support?

There is a thread in the General topic area with more specifics. It was supposed to be released last week but they wanted to make it compatable with version 8 so then it was going to be released this week and since it’s Friday afternoon I would assume it will be next week or the week after or sometime after that.