TBSi Problems

I am having two problems importing ToonBoom v3.5 animation into Flash 8 with TBSi v3.5:

1. The new Shadow effect does not seem to import.

2. Some of the fills on a few frames change color and combine with the outline. I am using paint brush lines for outlines, not pencil lines.

I am using the TBSi v3.5, installed in the directory specified in the instructions.

Am I doing something wrong, or are these bugs?


Hi MooseMouse,

Concerning the first behavior, this is unfortunately a normal one. The shadow effect is not compatible with Flash. The only way I see this could work is to export the shadow as an swf disabling all the other elements and importing the swf inside Flash afterward.

As for the second behavior, this is pretty unusual. Would it be possible to provide us the project you are getting this behavior from so we can see what could have gone wrong. Simply contact us at techsupport@toonboom.com and we will see to it.

Best regards,


I just emailed the file. Please let me know if you do not receive it, or need anything else.