TBSexpress won't install

TBSexpress v1.2.1 (from MacMall) won’t drag and drop into the applications folder on my new Intel iMac. I get an error message - the alias “Resources” cannot be copied to the destination, perhaps because the destination does not support this type of alias. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Any solutions?


Your older version of TBS Express may have some kind of issue with Intel Macs. I just installed TBSX v 2.5 on my G4 ppc yesterday as a test because somebody else was having installation problems and it went through an installation process which worked just fine. Just a moment ago I tested the installation on my Intel iMac and it seemed to work fine but I stopped the process just before actual installation.

If you look down the list here you will see that other people have had the same problem that you are experiencing. Unfortunately, there are no follow-up postings with a solution. You could possibly PM one of these people to see how they resolved the issue, or you could contact customer support directly.

Other than that I’m afraid all I can add is that you might consider upgrading to the current version 3 which should install properly.


Hi Legoboy3,

Unfortunately there were some big changes to be done to adapt Toon Boom Studio to Mac Intel and since v2.5 was not in production anymore at the time the changes were applied to v3.0. Previous version of Toon Boom Studio are not officially supported on Mac Intel.

If we can be of any further help to you let us know.

Best regards,