TBS8-Holding motion in both Camera and Timeline, need technique please

I find that I have not understood two related actions:

  1. how to hold Action using Keyframes in the Timeline

  2. how to hold a Camera move in the Timeline

All software is reported as current versions

Re 1) here is what I’ve used
*Keyframe setting; Copying and Pasting Keyframes at the desired intervals in Timeline, on both the Peg and the Element layers.
*Function Editor; setting markers
*Turning off the movement interpolation between Keyframes. The Timeline display between Keyframes is blank.

Re 2) here is what I have used
*Keyframe setting, both on the Camera Peg and on the Camera. Copying and Pasting the desired Camera location at the selected intervals on the Timeline.
*Function Editor; setting markers; entering values in the Function display
*Moving the Camera in the Side and Top views. I’m able to move the camera but not to hold the FOV. Creating a new Camera has been my solution. It seems to me the other methods should have worked.

For all; Quitting application; restarting the Mac. (2011 i7 iMac, 20GB RAM)

None have given me that hold in movement over the interval, that I am wanting.

Please educate me! Thanks in advance

There are several ways of hold the element or camera using a peg.
One is having starting and ending key frame are the same like you did in Time Line.
Other way is using ‘constant’ or ‘none constant’ segment for the key frame.
In general, the key frame you are making is none constant key frame. This means that between two key frames, there is a interpolation that it tries to create a inbetweening when start/end key frames information is not the same (normally, you see the line between two key frames in Time Line). You can change this ‘none constant’ segment to ‘constant’ by right click on first key frame to select ‘constant segment’ (or shortcut Control + L). This will hold the movement until last (or next) key frame if it has different information from first key frame. This is also useful when you flip the drawing moving opposite direction.