TBS50 Crashing on start

I installed Toonboom 5.0 on my windows machine and it crashes every time I either try to create a file or load a file. The debug info says the problem is being caused by the ilglcd32.dll module. It also crashed on install, but the debug info says it’s the ole32.dll causing a problem. Anyone else having problems running the software on a windows machine? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing changed. I tried loading it on my Mac and it works perfectly there.

Hum…thinking it might be a compatibility issue I right clicked the icon and went into the properties menu and the compatibility submenu. I clicked “Disable visual themes”, after trying a number of other things. Now the program is loading old files and creating new files without crashing? Is this a bug or my system? Just happy to have it working on my system now.

I have the same problem on a latop w/ XP. The program crashes right at opening.

I suspect there’s a problem with the ole management in the software, but let’s see if others have the same problem. My machine is also a windows XP Pro running on a 486 with 2 gig of ram.

I can get it to “work” if it is set to run in 640 X 480 mode. Not much use in that mode. BTW I run TBS2.5 on the same machine with no problems.

got it to work by setting the “renderer” to “direct3d” instead of “opengl”. my vid card does not support opengl. :slight_smile:

I installed version 5 and program would crash and not let me in. Just get a Windows error message. I did right click on the icon and went to properties, compatability and checked the disable visual themes and it WORKED!

I teach computers and used Flash to teach animation. I purchased Toon Boom to provide more advanced option to students in my Animation class. I have to say that I am diappointed that they do not provide support to schools and companies that paid a lot of money for multuple licenses. Shame on them! I should have done my homework before buying.

Thank all of you on the forum for your help. It took some time, but I was able to find the solution.


If you do encounter crashes and error to first launch the software I strongly advise you to get in contact with our support department at techsupport@toonboom.com since support is covering installation of the software.

Workflow issues and such would require a support contract but making sure the software is running on a machine which meet the hardware requirement is covered in the software purchase and you are entitled to get help with that.

Hopefully you will have better experience with the software from now on. Feel free to address questions in the forum if you do have some difficulties figuring out things.

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Sorry to hear about your crashes. I’ve had the program for about a week and it’s crashed on my multiple times as well. Note though I have a mac version and my crashes happen in odd places.