TBS5.0 swf export memory problem

I made a short stop motion scene in TBS5.0 (361 frames at 15fps). I can export in every format EXCEPT Flash (which is the only one I really want to export in). I receive this error message:

Unable to generate full movie: No enough memory

I have checked the settings in Preferences->Display and put the memory allowance all the way up. I have also tried exporting using both Direct3D and OpenGL renderers. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 1525 running Windows Vista 4GB RAM 32-bit system. I have tried closing every other program and exporting, and it makes no difference. The export dialog box goes all the way to 100% before giving me this error. I also have both Flash CS3 and CS4 if that helps clarify anything.

I am happy to supply more information if it will help shed some light on this issue. Thanks for any and all help.


When you say a short stop motion film, are you importing a lot of bitmap images? This could take up a lot of memory when it’s trying to render.

What graphics card are you using?

Have you tried exporting the sequence in smaller sections? Try exporting a really small amount - say 10 frames or so - will that render?

If your system is running out of memory, you could try to increase the size of the virtual memory paging file - but this is an advanced thing to try. It would be better to render the scene in portions if you can.

I tried to export a smaller file to swf and that didn’t work either. Now I started having problems exporting to QuickTime, as well. I uninstalled everything and just reinstalled it. I imported a past QuickTime movie and it exported as swf and mov, so maybe it was just a problem with my installation.

For such a powerful animation software, I am kind of disappointed with the stop motion capabilities. There is no onion skinning or playback during the actual capturing of the frames. :frowning:

Great that your exports are now working!
Please keep us posted if any changes happen.

For the onion skin during stop motion and playback during frame capture request, can you describe how you would see those features working in the software so that we may fully analyze your suggestion?

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I would like to see it one of two ways.

1) The capture dialog opens as a section in the main program (instead of opening in its own window), so that you can play and use onion skin as you are viewing the live image. This would allow for lining up characters/sets in case something is bumped.

2) There is an onion skin and playback feature as part of the capture dialog box, so that you could scrub through the previous captured images without closing the dialog box.