TBS4......TV or not

First of all let me say hi to all…and i really enjoy the forum here…seems like it could be a big help to us all…now to my question…I have checked through the threads here but i still have a question…Can i make TV broadcast quality with TBS alone…or do i need another software to accomplish this…I just bought the TBS4 and Workout files and the user guide…so it might answer this question there…if not…what software is recommended…i can not afford Pro at the moment or even think about opus and harmony…but i would like to try some public service messages…or actually having students create public service messages…i have been doing flash animation for about 3 years…been cartooning for about 16 years…i like the old 2D animation…what can i say…Scooby Dooby Doo!

oh…and can i scan in hand painted backgrounds without them going pixel for broadcast…or is this too much for TBS4…

Thank you

Hi Todd,

Yes Toon Boom Studio can easily achieve broadcast quality format. Basically if you select from the welcome screen the DV NTSC format that is the standard north american broadcast resolution. The DV PAL is for Europe. As for the Anamorphic formats those stands for widescreen version of both of the previous format. Then there is a couple of HDTV format available with difference quality level. There is actually a lot of commercial on TV that were made with Toon Boom Studio.

About your second question I am not quite sure what you mean by without them going pixel for broadcast. In theory if you scan your image in the proper resolution you should not have any pixelation issue. Just make sure that if you plan on zooming on a background that you set it to the proper resolution (if you zoom in to 2 times the size your resolution for that background should be 2 times the scene resolution).

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Thank you very much for the quick response…you answered both questions for me…thanks…I just got my user manual today in the mail…but i have to go back to work tonight…so i cant wait for my next days off to explore TBS4…until then i will be reading…

Again thank you for your quick response Ugo.

Best regards