Tbs4 running slow !

Hi all
Ive been working with TBS4 for a couple of months now and so far I have no problems with the performance.
I have been working on an animation that has only the one drawing - its a mad doctors Laboratory and i have drawn detailed posters on his wall - a table with test tubes and microscopes etc and was planning this to be a background - however there is a door that will open up to reveal someone popping there head in the door - and its when i try to animate the door opening that ive been noticing it becomes very slow and tasks take much longer.
As I said i have never had this problem before but this is quite a detailed drawing and am wondering if its to do with my pc specs. . .

im running -

AMD athlon xp2600
512 DDR333
Onboard real256e 3D video

Looking at other similar posts i see most people are talking the better the specs the better the performance, but which is the most important area to
sort out first - i have a limited budget but am willing over a few months to
upgrade all my specs to a much higher degree - is it the RAM is it the processor or even the video card ?
Looking forward to a reply soon - cheers

brian ;D

In general more memory is better than less memory.

As to your immediate issue. It sounds like you have created a very detailed vector drawn background. That is usually not a good idea. The basic rule of thumb is the more detailed the background the more reason to do it as a bitmap drawing. Also, I suspect that you did much of your drawing with the pencil tool or one of the line tools. TBS is optimized to work with the brush tool and excessive pencil lines will slow it way down. If you want to use the pencil or line tools then I suggest that you convert those lines to brush strokes using the TOOLS>CONVERT LINES TO BRUSH command. But in general keep your vector drawings reasonably simple and when you need a really detailed background like a laboratory create that background in a paint program like PhotoShop and then import the bitmapped image into TBS. -JK


If you get slowdowns I would say go for RAM. This being said if you also get graphical artifacts along with the slowdowns you might want to go for a better video card.

In addition to JK’s suggestion it might also be a good idea to change some of the preferences of Toon Boom Studio and your actual machine’s preferences. check the following topic of the knowledge base about optimizing your machine for Toon Boom Studio (point 2 and 3 would apply in your case):


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ok guys thanks for the feedback. I am using a lot of the line brush but rarely the pencil one at the moment and now that i know i can convert the line to brush i will certainly be doing this in the future. As I said i have had no problems with the performance up to now and ive been doing a lot of camera moves and lip-syncing all in the same animation and never had an issue - I will certainly try to incorporate more complexed drawings through bitmap images now and invest into more RAM first and eventually upgrade video card and my processor - once again thanks for the quick responses
brian ;D