TBS Won't Open After Installing (Windows 8)

I recently bought TBS 8.1 version to use on my laptop, and at first it worked fine. However, a couple days later (today), I tried opening it, and it will not. I tried reinstalling it, even in different folders out of the Program Files (x64). When I try to open it, my laptop will act like it opened it, then what I am guessing happens is it will immediately crash without a dialog box popping up. I tried opening the clientactivation.exe and serveractivation.exe, and I get a terminal box saying “Qt: Untested Windows version 6.2 detected!” then that crashes with a dialog box popping up this time. Not sure what to do, as it seems I’m the only one that this happens to when I searched the forums. Help is appreciated, and if I’m not the only one, hopefully the TBS team will fix it soon :slight_smile:

I realized I had missed an update for Windows 8.1, so I went through with it, restarted, and it works fine now. Not sure if it was the restart or the update, but either way if someone has a similar problem, do the above and see if this works :slight_smile: