TBS will not work with my Cintiq 12WX!!

Lets see if even I can believe this. I first started out with a graphire Tablet and TBS 2.0, I since bought and built a desktop computer, then I bought a Wacom Intuos 3, then I bought a Gateway Tablet PC …and now I finally buy the Cintiq. And why? Why did I do this …animation is my passion … and to that end …I am determined to find a combination that allows me to draw comfortably. Not a god dam thing matters …if I can’t draw comfortably …for me …its still about the art!!

After 8 hours trying to configure the Cintiq …TBS keeps crashing on me. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed about 10 times already! I’m running the set up in a dual screen mode. When I try to open TBS it hangs up everytime…failing to fully open. And oh … BTW …the few minutes it worked I discovered I had the very problem I had with my Gateway Tablet that led me to buy the Cintiq. That is, when drawing in the drawing mode TBS freezes up and the inking lags … switch to the camera view and everything runs fine!

How much was I beaten up over this? I couldn’t say a dam thing because in truth I had a gateway tablet that didn’t use wacom’s technology. Now I have it all …no more freaking excuses …why the hell won’t TBS work now?

But wait there is more. While I’ve been away …I got Flash CS3 …the entire package …fully liscened. And with my Gateway flash worked but no pressure sensitivity. With the Cintiq …works like a charm …pressure sensitivity and all!!

How many $1,000’s have I spent trying to get this freaking $300+ software to work? Should I run out now and buy a more powerfull computer?

Let me hear it TBS …my laptop runs XP …with 1.5G ram, ATI video card, and Pentium M 1.7(the version just before the dual cores), and I am using TBS 3.5. What is it this time …I’m not running Vista, or I need a new computer …what the hell is it this time!!

You got me … you got me TBS …I’ve been duped …you dangled the carrot in front of me like an expert …making me believe at every turn …every $1,000 spent that this would finnally be it!! But it was not meant to be …was it?