tbs weak sound

I’m giving 3.5 a spin + have been impressed with the animation tools compared to flash but I really dont like the way sound is handled.

The inability to scrub sound in the main timeline is a real throwback (flash has had this for ages). Why doesnt the the sound element editor update interactively with the main timeline – and function as a panel (like the exposure sheet/properties panels) – instead of acting like a pop-up window that forces u to close it b4 doing anything else?

I was all gung ho on tbs until I hit this. I’m hoping there is an easier way? anyone?

*I read a post from a sr member justifying this clunky workflow because it was similar to traditional animation. Seems crazy to me, if we wanted a trad. workflow we wouldnt be using software.

You probably already tried this but just in case you missed it. On the TBS menu go to Play>Turn Sound Playback On then when you drag the red frame slider on the Timeline panel you will get sound played as you move from frame to frame. This is very useful for syncing sound to animation as you scrub back and forth in the timeline. I hope this helps -JK

duh! Thanks jk. Thats exactly what I wanted!