TBS v4 - constant 99% CPU usage

Trying to run version 4 for first time. Every time I run it, it opens fine - showing the menu with choices of creating new or opening a project. As soon as I select new project, TBS cpu usage jumps to 99% and stays there for 20 or so minutes until the program finally opens with the new project ready to go.

During this period of 99% cpu suckage, my computer is unusable and basically frozen because of TBS sucking the cpu power. I can only stop TBS during this time by going through the windows task manager. Excruciatingly slowly clicking and waiting for a response and shutdown.

Unfortunately that’s not the end of the CPU suckage. If I so much as draw a line or move a window within the workspace, the CPU usage will jump from single digits to 80s and 90s - just to process such simple actions.

I don’t have any other programs running at the same time either. This is all from TBS.

This is making me violent.

XP with SP2
Intel Celeron 2.5Ghz
1 gig ram


Believe me, I understand your frustration. I had a similar problem with my old computer, but with a different program. Do you have memory dedicated to video graphics? I’m not particularly computer savvy, but I’ve heard that this could cause a problem if you don’t.

Thanks for the response.

Just have the video hardware that came with the PC. It’s not any kind of fancy 3rd party graphics card. There isn’t any kind of dedicated video memory adjustment option.

Don’t have this problem even if I run Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and other graphic heavy programs simultaneausly.

I’m also not that comp savvy, but a couple suggestions would be to up your “virtual memory” to the maximum setting (whatever that is) from your control panel.

Another idea (just a stab in the dark, not sure if it will help) would be to toggle between Direct 3D & Open GL in the TBS preferences, depending on your video card you might get better performance with one than the other. Keep in mind you’ll need to restart TBS after making these changes.

Lastly, one thing that will always boost your computing power is more ram. I’m operating with a gig now & getting by, but I’m adding another gig very soon & next time I buy a comp it will have 4 gigs minimum. Not sure what your wallet looks like but you can get a gig of ram for about $80 I believe.

Yea I tried those adjustments too but it’s still crapped.
I give up. No version 4 for me.


I don’t really see why this could be happening to you but in any case you might want to go get the latest drivers for pretty much every of your hardware pieces to make sure everything is up to date.

Also check if there is any difference if you create another user account on your machine which is administrator and launch the software with it.

You may also want to check in the Error log of Window under the Control Panel>Administrative Tool>Event Viewer and check if you can find any error that would be have happened around the same time you launched Toon Boom Studio.