TBS Tutorial Requests

Hey, Tony Ross from tonyteach.com, and I am looking for tutorial requests for Toon Boom Studio. I have done a few for Toon Boom Animate, as well as created the Lynda.com title, “Animating Characters in Toon Boom Animate.”

Check out this tutorial, and feel free to comment and suggest other tutorials you’d like to see.

Tony Ross, tonyteach.com

The tutorial is well done, although for me were things I already knew, maybe it’s aimed at those who use toon boom for the first time.

I would like to ask you something, do you think you can insert multiple cameras on a project?

Example: the first camera performs a horizontal movement, and the second camera performs a zoom. Is this possible?


Hi Meuri,
Thanks for your comments. The tutorial isn’t really “aimed” at anyone in particular. It just made more sense to demo a tutorial vs just writing, “Hey what Toon Boom Studio tutorials do you guys want?.”

OK, to your question, “multiple cameras on a project?”

The way I would do this is a single camera zooming in, then animate what I wanted moving horizontally via animating the drawing, or peg.

If you can, give me an example of the scene you are trying to do, and I will see if I can make a tutorial on a way to do it.

Thanks Tony

I’m just getting into learning animation and Toon Boom Studio is the product I chose to start with. I’m having some frustrations using the bones system and getting ideas from my head to the screen. I would like to see a tutorial on how to use the RoboSkeleton Templates and add more animation to them. How do you, for example, take a front view RoboSkeleton and animate a smooth transition into the 3/4 view and then to the side. Is there a way to use the lightboard or the onionskin feature to position the elements properly?

I would also like to see pegs and motion curves explained. For example, using a parent peg on a template, I’m running into issues where my Peg and my drawing are several inches apart on the screen and I do not know how to bring them back together so the drawing is centered on the peg. With the separation, it is difficult to work through the motion.

Also, along the same lines, I can’t seem to create a cycle with a simple roboskeleton template. (cycle the running animation for example.)

If you could make a tutorial or if someone can help me how to open tct files, it would be great. Tried the right click in library, didn’t work…
Anyone any other ideas?