TBS training video not running


I have bought the training video but it won’t run at all on my macbook running 10.8.5.

I want to run it as it was set up to do please.

I have downloaded on to disc hoping that might run but no.

please help


Make sure that the bowser you are using has the Flash plugin installled.
Verify that Java is enabled for the browser also.

Have you uncompressed the videos or are you trying to view them from the zip file, if the latter - I don’t think that this will work as the Start-Here menu relies on other parts of the compressed archive which it will not find unless the whole contents are extracted.

Did you get the training videos to work? I tried as suggested, ensuring that flash is added and that java is enable but that does not seem to help. I am on a Macbook running 10.9.


download “firefox” and “RIGHT CLICK” on the “StartHere.html” and choose “OPEN WITH” then “FIREFOX”.

I downloaded “java” and “flash” also but that made no difference on Safari.

DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK “StartHere.html” to start it. Even if “firefox” is the only browser you have open, the program will default to Safari and you probably won’t even notice. The video won’t work.

I know seems like overly simple instructions but this would have been helpful to me so I imagine I’m not alone.
Not sure if it would have worked without java and flash download.

Hope this helps

Still it will not work on Safari even with downloads!

Hi see my last comment. I hope it helps!

Thank you for the advice. I will give Firefox a try.