TBS Techs Please read

As I explained in my prior posts I am still previewing Flash CS3. And I found something interesting that TBS techs might want to look into. I am currently using the following hardware:

Gateway Tablet PC CX200X model
Pentium M 1.73 Ghz processor (just prior to the dual core)
1.5GB Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon X600 SE graphics card

In addition, this model Gateway adopted a new graphics technology from a vendor called Finepoint in lieu of their prior Wacom technology.

I have had the machine for a year now. In addition I occasionally use my INTUOS 3 Wacom tablet when I want to use the machine in the notebook mode.

For the longest time running TBS and in the drawing view there was an occasional lag between the pen movement and the actual inking on the screen. Something I’ve learned to be germane to all tablet PC’s. However it seemed excessive using TBS and at times it got so bad I would just use my INTOUS 3 Wacom Tablet . It comes on goes sometimes its tolerable to even good, but mostly every 2 or three good stroke would be followed by this lagging stroke.

Ok, now in Flash I mentioned earlier I had even worse issues drawing on the stage with my Tablet. However, eventually I found there was a setting for Wacom tablet to allow for pressure sensitivity. When I made this adjustment …WOW !! So far I have used pencil on paper as the standard …but this beats anything I’ve ever experienced.

I have always felt the Wacom tablet surfaces were too slick and this was why I wanted a tablet PC because the feel was just right …but the downside was the lag between pen stroke and inking! No more with Flash …great feel with no lag! Effortless drawing making me remember how it felt to draw, having been constrained by TBS for so long. Drawing …and not animation was what drew to this hobby in the first place.

Now am I here to bash TBS? Hardly, I said earlier that TBS is still a better pure animation program. So I started to try and see if there was some way I could get TBS to behave like this.
I went back and tried a few variation again in TBS with the preference setting …no luck. I went to the settings for my video card and changed all the settings for maximum performance instead of for better quality. Still no luck. I went to my PC administration settings …and set my PC for best application performance instead of quality. No luck. I was even joking with my wife that using TBS is like a dating a woman for months who wouldn’t put-out! So much potential but always failing to deliver.

But then, by accident I started to draw in the camera view and after a few strokes …no lag. I kept going …no lag. I drew an entire character …no lag! I went back to my PC administration settings and remove the settings for best performance (since in this mode the picture on my PC was not as sharp) and replaced it to where it was before. Drew some more in the camera view …no lag!!

It was almost like drawing in Flash!!

TBS what gives?

See my earlier posts bitching about file size and TBS performance? I have the feeling that this finding is somehow linked to that problem!

What is it about drawing in the camera view that makes me get a better experience?

Ok, you don’t support Finepoint …but I’m sure neither does Flash. And Oh by the way …I used my Desktop with my Intous 3 Wacom Tablet exclusively for over 2 years prior to buying my Tablet PC …with the same file size issues. So I really don’t think Gateway/Finepoint is the real problem.

Now, for sure I get a better experience drawing in TBS drawing view using the Wacom Tablet . All the years I’ve had TBS I have been schooled to draw in the drawing view. But I am very suspicious that this resistance, this lag, this fighting I’ve grown accustomed to having using my Gateway to draw in the drawing view is indicative of a problem with TBS.
Here’s another reason why I think this …I remember back in the earlier TBS release when I didn’t even have my Gateway …when the file size issues occurred …it was preceded by sticking and dragging when I was drawing …with the Wacom Tablet. My work around at the time was to save my file every 2 or 3 strokes, so when TBS crashed I wouldn’t loose much.

One last thing …these trials occurred when I was working with new TBS files with one maybe 2 drawing.

OK on a few occasions drawing in the camera view felt similar to the drawing view …I would say since this new discovery this is about 5 % of the time …so for the most part I get a better experience.

Please look into this and see if I’m on to something here.

Hi Tiger,

I am not 100% aware of what could be in cause but I will forward your message to our development team so they can look into it.

Thank you,


Day 2 and still great performance drawing in the camera view.

In fact I just discovered the few times it hesitated while drawing in the camera view was when I was getting pop-up messages from the applications running in my tool bar.
My CD player sending me pop ups on the song I was playing …or my wireless connection giving me pop-up on my signal strength.

TBS …hope you find out more about this.

Hi Tiger,

So far all that has been noticed on our side is that there was an extra optimization that has been applied in the camera view. The developers are looking into this to see what else could be implied.

In any case thank you for pointing it out.

Best regards,


Another sign regarding this post. As I said before the problems I had drawing in TBS drawing view was something I could not definitively say whether it was related TBS or my GW tablet PC with fine-point in lieu of wacom technology.

Today I read the article on the featured artist on TBS website. And noticed where he drew in Sketchbook Pro before importing to TBS.
I down-loaded the trial version for sketchbook pro …and had no problems using my GateWay Tablet PC to draw.

So with Flash, and now Sketchbook pro working fine with my GW, I’m really looking at TBS as the issue.

Hope you fix this in the next patch.

Although I’m happy to discover drawing in the camera view works great, I don’t think I want to do so going forward.