TBS importer for Flash

I am trying to use the TBS importer to bring an animation from TBS into Flash in order to add some minor actionscripting into my animation. The original animation in toonboom is about 6 min. long. It seems to be working, but I’m on the 16 hour mark of waiting for it to work. Is this typical? I think I started the process right, by going to import, selecting the TBS filetype, and then importing the original toonboom file.
If this is typical, is there a way to add a stop action at the end of a swf produced in toonboom. I just want it to stop on the end frame after someone views it online.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Hey Tom,
Wow you are very patient if you have been waiting around for 16 hours for something to complete!!! I would have given up after 30 mins!

Did you try looking up the issues raised in the section marked TBS VS Flash? There’s a know fault which might affect you?

As for the stop action… I’ am not sure what you want to do exactly but two things I can think of are:
a) In the TBSi Importer (in Flash) window you can restrict the number of frames imported (set range) into the timeline.
b) There is no method to add stop frames in TBS. You will need to add it in Flash. Take a look at the TBSi tutorial for an example.

Hope this is of some use.

I just thought of something else…
There appears to be 3 options to import a TBS animation into Flash:
1) In TBS export to swf > In Flash import .swf file (one layer continuous frames in Flash timeline).
2) In Flash import TBS .tbp file preserving layers (saved to multiple layers in Flash timeline).
3) In Flash import TBS .tbp file preserving composition (saved to one layer with continous frames).

If you have a 6 minute animation I wonder just how many frames it would be if you imported it to a single layer in Flash. There is a frame constraint in Flash too (something like 16,000 frames).
This may be worth bearing in mind when trying to create ‘heavy’ Flash content.

p.s. I have not tried any of this…they are all just thoughts…

Thanks for your reply. The sixteen hours was overnight on my machine at work. So I wasn’t here for all that. But I will try some of your suggestions and see what I can come up with and let you know.
The stop action I need is because on our website one of our animations( a swf produced in toonboom) loops when played online. It’s weird because the others work fine. If you want to check them out they are at www.storycove.com. The title we are having trouble with is called Anansi.
Thanks again I’ll let you know what I come up with.

One easy workaround for what you want to do is to add the loop parameter to the html tags and

This parameter has the value true by default but you can change it to flash like this:

A complete list of parameters: