TBS extension error during saves TB3.5 PC user

This will probably qualify as a stupid newbie questions, but I really don’t want it to happen again …so.
I had done a brief digitally drawn animation in TB ver. 3.5 on a PC and as I was saving…there was an error message that the tbs extension could not be accessed so it was lost.
I’m trying to figure out what caused this, are you not allowed to save ‘working files’ anywhere but the default, - which in my case was in the my documents folder. I prefer graphics works be anyplace else but there and had earlier changed the global library in prefs to just my D drive. If I change it back will that fix it and that’s what I’ll have to stuck with? I assumed the change was okay since it created a Toonboom global library folder on my drive as I wanted.
Sorry if this is a lame question, but it may provide some amusement at least. ???

Hi EA,

I am not quite sure what the full error was from your message but that might be related to the fact that the path to the directory you were at contained special character (if in My Document it is usually related to the username containing weird character). Always make sure to have a path without any such characters to avoid those type of errors. This tip is the same for actual project files.

If you save directly on the drive and get that error again make sure to let us know along with the full message so we can look into this.

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Out of interest did your error message read:

"Error while saving the animation set. Unable to access file Global.tbc.new"

Because this can sometimes happen if you change the preferences for the path to your global library.

You need to have a folder defined (e.g. D:\toonBoom\Toonboom Studio - Global Library 3.5) and have the file named Global.tbc stored in it.

i.e. D:\toonBoom\Toonboom Studio - Global Library 3.5\Global.tbc

Then your Global Library preferences would in this example point to D:\toonBoom.