TBS Ending Question

So, I’ve had TBS 7 for about 3 years now, and with it ending here in about 5 days or so, does that mean I will have to upgrade after Friday? Or can I keep using the software no problems?

Toon Boom will no longer offer technical support or sell Studio but the software in your possession will not stop working due to some code triggered on a certain date. If you want technical help from Toon Boom you should move to some form of Harmony.

If you purchased the software it will be yours and remain functional as long as your computer and operating system have not outgrown it. In other words, the software will continue to work as long as the computer and operating system are compatible with it.

This may be a reason to hold off on upgrading in the future. There is always a point when you have to decide whether moving forward is important enough when it means you have to leave something behind that cannot be upgraded.