TBS doesn't allow me to access some frames


I am on MacsOSX 10.4.10, and TBS 4. I was working on a file, drawing, copy-pasting, etc…, and it just begin to forbid me to access some drawings. On another layer, I drawed them again, and now it goes on forbidding me to access even the new ones. The file seems corrupted.

I have reinstalled TBS, and it is the same.


Hi Alain,

There should not be any locking of files inside Toon Boom Studio so this is quite unusual. Make sure that you have done proper selection before copy and also after. So basically if you select something from the camera view and copy it when you go to the next element make sure that you have focus in the camera as well before pasting.

This might be what is in cause but if not you might want to send us a test scene for us to see what is going on.

Best regards,