TBS crashing when moving camera


been running into a bit of a problem this afternoon, Im working on the background of my piece & several times when adjusting the camera framing TBS crashed on me. I didnt lose anything major yet, but it doesn’t seem normal, is this a known issue or is there something I can do to avoid it in the future?

Also, most of my colors do not show up as solids, rather it looks like a bunch of messed up puzzle pieces. when I preview or export it looks fine, but it is a bit confusing to look at in drawing/camera view. Could anyone help me out with this as well?

Much thanks in advance,

This sounds like a conflict with your graphics processing on your system and TBS. There are numerious threads here describing the steps to change settings. You need to post your version of TBS and information about your graphics card & operating system and the setting you have in your Toon Boom preferences and then someone can help you make the appropriate adjustments. Also be sure you have the most current drivers for your graphics card. -JK

ok, I updated my graphics card drivers & have toggled between openGL & direct3D in the TBS preferences. Still crashing at seemingly random times (most often happens when I play with the camera though) but the problem of the scrambled drawing elements is resolved.

I am running XP home edition v.2002 with a Nvidia quadro 4 550 XGL graphics card. I am running TBS v. 3.5.

Could I just need a new video card alltogether? Or are there still settings & preferences I can play with?

Next time it happens Ill be sure to copy the error report in case it can be of any use.
Please advise, & Thanks again.

Well, here are a couple screenshots of the error report Im getting. I dont crash every single time I move the camera, but every time I crash it seems like a camera move triggers it.
I really hope these images will help diagnose the problem, Im clueless as to whats wrong but anxious to keep learning TBS so any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks for any assistance,

Hi Kdog,

Would it be possible to send us the scene you are using so we could give it a look. If it is too big to send in an e-mail let me know and I will setup a ftp link for your to download.

Just send the thing at techsupport@toonboom.com

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If you could send us the full report that would also be appreciated (at support email address).

The location of the report file is inside the crash window (the one you posted here)



ok, will do as soon as I get home. Thanks alot for the quick replies!