TBS crashing on walk cycle

We recently purchased TBS 4.0 educational version. We are working on animating a walk cycle from a character template. Whenever we try to extend the walk time on a lower body part, TBS crashes. We are beginners on the program and are taking an online video course on using TBS. I have also asked them for help, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
It seems as though we can select individual components of the lower body, but when we try the entire lower body component, we always end up crashing. It happens with different character templates.


I think what you are experiencing is a bug that has been fixed in version 4.5. What you might want to attempt is that collapse/expand different part of the character and see if you get the same behavior with the master peg. This had something to do with the ordering of the pegs in the timeline and sometime fixed itself when elements are positioned in different location in the timeline.

I am not quite sure why this happen on certain character but if you do notice this behavior on any specific character make sure you save your project whenever you have to stretch any pegs of that character. Again be aware that was solved in the latest version of our software.

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