TBS crashes when accessing scene

I reinstalled TBS after having the broken TBS for 2 weeks as described in

That got me up and running and I got in a days work, but now that work has become in accessible. Whenever I access that scene, TBS crashes.


I do not know what happened from the time that scene was working until the time it became a broken scene. It was working fine. Then I added new scenes. Then I tried to export the movie. TBS crashed saying it was out of memory. So then I went to just export the Rattlesnake scene and that crashed TBS. The only thing different about the Rattlesnake scene is that it has a texture in the palette.

How can I get this scene back?


I can’t view your video, so I can’t see exactly what you would have shown me there, but it sounds like your computer might be running out of memory. Is your scene quite a large scene? Are you able to render it in sections? Have you tried restarting your computer?

At the bottom of the link to the video is a link to TechSMith where you can get the codec. I will re-post with a different codec if you cannot see.

I have 3.25GB of memory. But the out of memory problem is the lesser of the problems. The urgent problem is that when I try to open a scene TBS crashes. I am no longer able to access that scene in any way. I cannot revise it, see it, draw in it, or render it. Just selecting the scene by clicking on it in the scene manager instantly crashes TBS5.0.

Here is a flash rendering of the screen recording that demonstrates the problem.


In order to see whether it’s possible to recover the data, you will need to email your project folder to toon boom technical support. Please contact them directly at techsupport@toonboom.com. If your project folder is too large to email directly, they will set up an ftp where you can upload your project.