TBS crashes during export

Just switches off without error message or anything.
It recently survived to completion, 100% export complete only to pop up with E1181 (i think) saying not enough memory yet i have over 60gb left.

Is this because i’m trying to export two characters using bones? they are simple silhouettes that animate for 135 frames. It took over an hour to ‘finish’ the render to flash movie format which seemed a bit much to me.

Rendered out several other clips like this with no problem and they only took a few seconds.

There is nothing else at all on the stage, timeline or in the library that is’nt these two figures.

Additionally is there something wrong with TBS? installed it a few weeks ago and there are lots of little bugs like the ‘cells’ window wont rescale to fit its little section in the bottom right so i have to scroll across to access my other frames every time. None of the links under the ‘help’ drop down menu work either other than ‘about’ - could this be a sign that something is wrong with the installation as a whole?

TBS version 7.1
camera size 640 x 325
framerate 12