TBS chokes on common video files

Hi y’all, I’ve been having problems importing video streams into TBS 4.5. Common MPEG2 formats crash the program while loading, .AVI formats load, but you can’t see the video, and if you try clicking on the timeline it crashes, ditto for quicktime files. The only video files I’ve successfully imported are flash files created by toonboom itself, which kind of negates any benefits. This afternoon I’m going over to a friends to use his copy of Flash to encode some video and see what happens. What I’m wondering is… Is it because the project is 1280x1024 and the video is 740x480? Do I have to make the project the same resolution as the imported file? Is there a work-around? thanks


First be aware that if you turn the videos to flv with that encoder they won’t import at all. This being said the Quicktime/AVI import should be fine so I’m curious about what exactly could be causing this. Would it be possible to provide our support team a sample of the videos you are trying to import so we can see exactly what is going on.

You can send the file to techsupport@toonboom.com.

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I’ve had the same problem and was a bit curious about it myself. I came up with a band-aid solution for very short files though…I take my file, break it down to separate images with Quicktime Pro then import it to Toon Boom. Now the cool thing about 4.5 is that you can take these images and drag them over to the “drawing” column and play round with them the same way you’d do with a drawing rendered on Toon Boom itself. I know it’s a roundabout and probably more time consuming method than what is normal, but it’s a pretty interesting solution for a very small video file and kinda fun to boot. It’s also a heckuva way to do a little creative rotoscoping.