TBS bones and performance


Recently I started working with bones. It is not very difficult and the result is really amazing. However, I have problems with the performance i.e. when I apply ‘bones’ to a spider character for instance it takes ages before the parts have ‘uploaded’. I made sure the drawings are as smooth as possible, without too many ‘contour points’. But every time I make any changes or open the file it takes too long.

Is this a matter of computer capacity or am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks for helping!


Hello Marie-Julie,

Glad to hear you are enjoying the bones feature. Here are a few tips to help performance when using the bones:

Remember, the bones will work the same way even if your character is on one element vs. many. Try to reduce the number of drawing elements affected by the Skeleton effect. If your spider is broken into many drawing elements, try merging as many of them as possible. You could always save a version of your spider in the library that has all the pieces seperated, in the case you needed to edit or create another pose.

I hope this info helps,


Thank you Lindsay, I think this will help a lot!