TBS and their DUMB licensing policy!!

I have TBS running on 2 machines at home. I’m a hobbyist and I have a 3 to 4 year cycle of upgrading my computers. Recently I bought parts and completely built a new desktop and installed Windows-7. The old machine running Vista is being retired, and in fact the hard drive from that machine is part of my new build as added storage. In addition to my new build, I bought a new YIYNOVA - msp19U tablet which I’m eager to unbox and test.

TBS will not install on my new machine because of a 2 activation limit on the liscense. This is so DUMB, so unbelievably dumb!! The software vendors need to stop living in the 80’s/ 90’s era because this restriction is not a solution to protecting their property!! This restriction wil only…only affect the PAYING CUSTOMER!!!

Back in the 80’s when one in 20 homes had a computer…when a home with a computer had …ONLY ONE computer …this made some sense…but not today!! Stop trying to tie up the customer…people use computers like disposable equipment today…stop trying to mimic the failed policies of the music industry!! At any given moment…I have 5 computers in my house …5 computers that’s only used by me!!! I only installed TBS to 2 of them because they were my leisure computers with enough processing capacity!!

There isn’t gangs of TOONBOOM THIEVES …out there!!
90% of your customers understand you run a business…want to see TBS survive and are willing to purchase the software …I’m confident of this!!

If somebody did steal a copy from a friend, they will eventually want to upgrade …eventually rather than beg that friend for another upgrade…they’ll start paying for the software…thats how people behave!!

Now I sent TBS customer service a e-mail about this …and just the way I no longer buy music …or use anything made by Apple which always seek to bind your hand…I am willing to walk away from TBS!!!

It’s not the money…it’s the principle …I’m not going to buy the same song…or the same software …OVER and OVER again because I happen to buy new hardware!!!

Stop trying limit what your customers do at home.

I just bought win-7 and install it on a new SSD drive…by year end I could easily decide to buy Win-8 and a new HD to set up my system …because upgrades are often risky!!

Like I said before your …“protective feature”…only hurt the paying customer, and lways seem like a dumb…dumb policy passed down by people with petty-minds!!
Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face…jeeze!!!

You ARE aware of course that you can easily return the license from your old system using the License Wizard with options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local Licenses
select the code and hit the return button.
The license will then be available to be activated on your new system.

It takes about 3 minutes - less time than writing a forum rant :wink:

how do you get a refund