TBS and PC?

I’ve downloaded the trial version of Toon Boom Studio 7 for my computer (I use a PC and Windows Vista) to test it before I commit to buying Studio 8. It seems to work fine, but there are a couple of things that really bug me while working with it even though I’m new at it;

One thing is the line quality, it seems they look jagged no matter what I do. I did some research and found a review that says the line quality is better on a Mac and not-so-great on a PC, but there are ways to improve it to look better when you look at your animation in Preview mode. So I changed my Preferences by checking “Improve Pencil Rendering Performance” and “OpenGL Full Scene Anti-Aliasing” and in Drawing mode, nothing changes, but when I hit “Preview Movie/Scene” for my animation, the lines look much better. So it may not be a big deal if it looks good in the end, but I would rather the line quality be better in the actual Drawing Mode so I can actually make my edits on the spot, rather than hitting “Preview Movie/Scene” over and over again.

Another thing that bothers me is using the Contour Editor. Since I’ve been fiddling with TBS, of course I’m going to erase the line I draw, but when I use the Contour Editor and I click and hold one of the anchor points of my line, everything else in the drawing blacks out and all I can see are the line I’m editing, the other drawing elements I’ve kept in the drawing and the lines I already deleted. I don’t know why the deleted lines show up and I really don’t like that because those deleted lines could interfere with me editing my lines properly. (I’ve added a couple of screen shots with my kept drawing elements on the left and a view of what I see when holding down on an anchor point with the Contour Editor on the right)

So, I guess because it’s the trial version, these issues are just a couple of the trials limitations, but I’d rather not risk wasting a large sum of money just to find out. Or could it be just because I use a PC? I’m still new to Toon Boom, so I just don’t know. Any help at all would be most appreciated.

Hi, There,
Please send this to support@toonboom.com, they will help you with this issue.