TBS and Leopard (10.5)

TBS V3.5.1 quits on me with no error message. Even after re downloading and installing.

TBS V3 opens fine.

I had a messy up grade to Leopard. Is anyone else seeing this issue on Leopard with TBS B3.5.1?


I have not yet heard of a TBS Leopard issue, besides this one. I have heard of issues with Photoshop and Firefox though, so it doesn’t entirely surprise me.

Perhaps Ugo can shed some further light on this one.


Just checked to confirm and indeed Toon Boom Studio v3.5.1 is not working under OSX 10.5.

We are actually working on v4.0 to fix some compatibility bug with the new OS but I don’t think we will fix older versions then v4.0.

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I’ve got TBS express 3.5 and it’s not working under leopard…Will there be a fix or have I lost my software functionality?


Hi Damien,

Sadly Toon Boom Studio v3.5 is no longer in production so we cannot guarantee it will have a patch to fit the new OS. Switching to a new OS with older software is always something to think twice before doing since those were never tested during development and there is always a risk of it not working.

Nevertheless, for the moment no version of Toon Boom Studio are officially compatible with 10.5. We will announce a patch later on to address the compatibility issues.

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this info is incredible thank you, im currently running on tbs4 and vista, but will be converting to mac very very shortly whats the newest mac os i can run tbs 4 on (speaking of which i have to repurchase tbs for but this time for mac)


Hi Shawn,

Concerning the transfer from Windows to Mac you won’t need to repurchase the software, both of the versions are available from the My Products section under the Member section of our website (if you have registered your software). The key is the same for Mac and PC.

As for the latest official Mac OS supported it is still OSX 10.4.10, although be aware that if everything goes well we should be launching the patch for OSX 10.5 within the end of the month.

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Ok, its Nov. 21.

I just purchased the latest version off the web site and I can get my Mac to run Express on Leopard.

Is the fix not out yet? need to know if this is the reason its not working.


Is there a reduced cost upgrade path from TBS 3.5 (which will not work on the current MAC OS) to TBS 4.0? I purchased TBS 3.5 on 4/27/2007. Thanks.



For the moment there is no version compatible with OSX 10.5. Please contact our sales department to see the possible solution to this situation.

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