tbs and harmony?


what’s the main diffences between these two software… what’s the superiority of the harmony against tbs besides those glue,IK,morphing etc tools… is that all? why is that so expensive and devoted for “animation studios”… or let me ask this way… why is tbs is only for home user but the harmony for industries?..

TBS is a simplified version of Harmony. Harmony uses a centralized database for data. It was made for studios with many people working on the same project. TBS is a single user application and it was design for individuals.

Harmony as a very powerful network of effects for compositing. Studio that uses harmony (or Opus) don’t need any other softwares to create compositing or special effects. No need to render your animations to add specials effects in other software like After Effects.

We have a super fast scanning engine for high end scanners for tradionnal studios, we have all the latest cutout animation features (IK, GLUE, Morphing) we have a more advanced vector technology with line texture and many other details like this that makes Harmony the most advanced animation solution on the market.

Also, TBS is not ONLY for individuals, many small studios who can’t afford Harmony chooses Toon Boom Studio as a solution.

Also TBS is widely used aroudn the world by schools and universities for animation classes.

I hope this answers you question.


thank you for the detailed explanation… but tbs has libraries to share drawings in a network… whats the advantage of database? (i asked this coz i think this is the most important feature of the harmony as i learned from ur answer… the other tools coulndt make the price diffence that much…)

p.s. : Im planing to setup an animation team of 4-5 people… and i’m really confused which software to purchase…

You are right, the integrated work flow which is a big time saver and the data management are two key feature of Harmony.

When building a team of 4 or 5 people, it’s quite easy to manage who is doing what and when. But for studio who hires thousands of employees working on 3 different shifts, it’s an other story.

More about data management:

Harmony will report every access on the assets, in every scenes of any projects. You know exactly who has done what and when. You can lock any part of the projects to make sure no one else is editing the files at the same time then you can generate reports for all sorts of analysis from time management to cost and efficiency.

You can also set access permissions data to make it safer.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, if you need more information on Harmony please contact a sales rep at sales@toonboom.com.