TBS acting up on iMac G5

We recently bought three iMac G5 computers with 1.25GB ram to run TBS and Flash MX. Flash appears to run OK, but TBS is behaving very badly. It quite often grinds performing relatively simple tasks, sometimes crashes entirely when exporting movies to shockwave, and is generally slow when changing window focus. The only thing non-standard about the machines is that they each have a wacom intuos3 tablet, but we have the same problems when we unplug the tablet and restart.

The offending animation is a 6-drawing cycle moving across a photoshop background with a truck-out.

Yikes! Id on’t have a Mac but I am considering getting one. Please post if you find out what is causing it. Thanks in advance!

Seems strange having that problem with a G5 I would make sure that in toon Boom preferences under display you turn up the memory usage not all the way to unlimited but just under a click or 2 and turn down the textures & images a click or 2 you won’t notice much difference in screen quality but it will make the program run better also how big is that photoshop file you don’t need high resolution to get good quality the steve ryan videos talk about the importance of scanned images being at 72 dpi I have had some problems with toon boom with images scanned at 300 dpi.

I am using a e-mac G4 with panther 10.3.8 1 gig of ram and have a intros 2 tablet ahd have made animations 12 to13 layers multiple pegs and 2000 frames with none of those problems. my current background is 2 feet high and 5 feet long I created the elements in painter and assembled it in photoshop elements 2 exported it as a jpeg at 72 dpi and the file is only 756 kb and looks great.

PS mac is the way to go!

We just changed the preferences as suggested. There is a small increase in speed, but it still crashes when we try ‘quick preview’. I also munged two machines together so that one has 2GB ram on identical dimms but it still barfs. We have determined that the background image being used is at 300dpi so we’ll try reducing that and see what happens. I’ll keep you updated.

Update: we dropped the dpi from 300 to 150 and it no longer crashes. The speed issues aren’t nearly as bad either.

Thanks for the help!