TBS able to blur?

Hello everybody,

while busy working myself thru JK’s excellent tutorial on cutout animation again and again, I was wondering: Is there a way to blur parts of my animation?

What I mean is something like what they do in this Clip I stumbled upon in the internet yesterday - objects farther away from the camera are blurred, so are objects too close to the “lense”.

I was already planning to do something like that by exchanging cells in my animated character with blurred versions of every element, but before I do so - can this be done in TBS?

Not a big question, I know.

Hi Peter,

We do not have actual bitmap effects inside Toon Boom Studio (this could be done in Digital Pro though).

Though the approach you plan on using is the right one. If you want yo have blur to simulate a focus effect in Toon Boom Studio you should simply use a blurred version of that element done in a bitmap software. Having a couple of version with different blur level would also allow you to do focus transition being smoother.

Best regards,


Yeah, that’s exactly how I planned to do it.

Funny, but thinking things over, I seem to prefer doing things this way - feels much more like “animating” than simply selecting a menu command “blur”…

Thank you,