TBS 8/etc Video Tutorials?

Would anybody be so kind to direct to me whatever video tutorials were popularly used for teaching TBS before they were apparently taken off the main site? There are fundamentals I need to review that I’m told are the same in Harmony, which I already regret not putting $20 more down for instead of simply upgrading TBS (is it too late for that)?

I’m starting a little project the labor of which may run into TBS’s official discontinuation. Is this a bad idea? It’s just been too long since i’ve animated and I really want to hit the ground running on this.

thanks a bunch, all

Forum member o0Ampy0o compiled a nice list of recommendations for getting started here: https://forums.toonboom.com/toon-boom-studio/support-and-troubleshooting/beginner-tutorial-help-needed-creating-running-figure

All the best!

What hardware you are using for reading smart cards?

Thank you TheCubiclife this is what I’ll look at!!

So is it true that if I start animating in TBS I won’t be able to transfer any project over to Harmony when I get it?

Sorry minfrinbe I’m afraid I don’t understand. Smart cards?

warsaint777, yes, TBS project files aren’t directly readable by TBH, and vice versa.

However, you can submit your TBS project files to Toon Boom and they will do manual conversion to Harmony format.

Personally, I’m sticking with TBS for now, and taking my time learning Harmony (when there’s time).

oh dude for real thanks for the email-- i seriously am prob gonna hit you up. You look like you’re gonna be my best bet for support in my tbs efforts–

and to answer your question, I actually am semi-confident in my animation principles and more so just want hard lessons on the intricacies of the software, so this is perfect. I’ll drop you a line soon.

Great it’s good to know other animators are still hanging with TBS for a bit while just getting their toes wet with harmony. I think I’ll take this approach as well-- Thanks Cubiclite!

edit: While I’ve already decided to start indiscriminately binge watching every tbs how-to and tutorial vid I stumble upon (and I’m going down the list of the link you gave me)— I still would be thrilled if you ever directly wanted to link me to some of your basic videos-- i’ve noticed on your site you have a lot of specific and advanced techs but nothing too baby-fundamental as I need. If you’ve got nothing like this no prob.

I only ask because it seems you are somewhat admired around the TB community and I am very pleased to have any of your attention thus far. Thanks and i’ll keep in touch-- I’ll be looking at your vids on your site down the line.

Toon Boom has very detailed docs, guides, and tutorials for TBS including the basics. Do those meet your needs?

By ‘basic’ level are you referring to basic animation theory or the basics of TBS usage? I probably can help more with the software (I believe something like the Fish Rig is pretty basic), but less with animation theory/principles (I’m a newbie too).

Feel free to e-mail me at webmaster@cubiclite.com :slight_smile: