tbs 8 crashes when I create new project

I just downloaded and activated ToonBoom Studio 8. Whenever I click create, the program stops responding. I have Windows Vista. Thank you.

I am having the same issue but I am windows XP.

could not get Studio 8 to run on my ol pc with xp and two gigs memory, had to break down and finally get a new pc and with two attempts at installing, finally got it to work fine…just sharing my experience…ALSO on my old system studio 6 was just fine and dandy, 7 got real slow and crashed from time to time…so i think for me the larger and more complicated studio got the harder it was for my system to run it. BTW im four gigs now and running windows 8

Try update to latest driver for your video card.
In case your video card is supporting Direct3D more than OpenGL, open Toon Boom Studio and in Welcome screen where you create your project, go to Edit>Preferences>Display tab. And then change the Render type from OpenGL to Direct3D. And click OK and then close Toon Boom Studio completely. And then reopen Toon Boom Studio to apply changes. Then try creating a new project.

ToonBoom 8.1 “quits unexpectedly” when I create a new file. I have Windows 7 and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 video card. My drivers are up to date.

The same problem occurs whether I set display preferences to Open GL or Direct3D. And I don’t even plan to use 3D!

Where are you creating the file? Try to avoid using accented characters and special symbols; only use a-z, 0-9, “-” and “_” in the name of the project or folder path where you intend to create the project.

I upgraded to Studio 8.1 from my previous purchase of 6.0 – the new features listed offer improvements I’d employ (swapping out elements on a single layer particularly) to wean myself off Flash. Problem is, with 8.1 I’m dead at the starting gate, I can’t even create a file without a Windows shut-down dialog announcing a problem and a need to close. As for opening files built in the older version… forget it!

The OS on this machine is XP. I haven’t uninstalled 6.0 because it’s still good for authoring. I need 8.1 to meet and exceed its elder cousin. This needs to be solved.