TBS 8 Before Purchase Question

I would like to purchase Toon Boom Studio.
My only question is while taking the tour of the software, many times there is mention of a drawing tablet, which I do not yet own or have. I also don’t have photoshop.

My main goal of purchasing TBS or looking for software such as this is to make small comedy style cartoons, with my own art, and my own animations and TBS seems to be a great choice. In the future I do plan on getting a drawing tablet of some sort. My question I is, should I wait to purchase TBS until I get the drawing tablet? Is toon boom studio what I’m looking for as far as getting multiple characters and a background in the same area, with multiple voices to make my small cartoons? Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Hi Mike,
As far as needing a graphics tablet that is up to your style of characters. If your are going to construct them for “Flash” style cut-out, then no you can build your character with the tools in TBS and your mouse. If you are not sure what I mean check out CartoonSmart.com. There are some free tutorials on how to build characters with Flash’s tools by pushing and pulling points (from basic shapes). I have been able to mimic how he constructs his characters in TBS without much of a problem. I personally have an older Wacom Intuos tablet but don’t use it much because I push and pull points with my mouse. Another guy to check out is Chris Georgenes. He is a Flash guy (mostly) but his methodology of creating characters works well in TBS.
If you want to do hand drawn then yes you need a drawing tablet of some kind. Wacom is the leader. Others are cheaper for sure, but Wacom quality is hard to beat. One last bit, if you do go with a Intuos (old Bamboo line) or Intuos Pro get something close to your screen size. That way the drawing of comparable sizes will be more natural. Then again this is just my opinion on tablet sizes.
As for learning TBS - get Tony Ross’ DVD. He’s a great teacher who explains the software well and shows examples so you will feel confident diving right in.