TBS 8 and Macs

I’ve been having trouble running TBS 6 on my old Mac mini. I use the bone feature a lot - building a lot of skeletons and it can barely keep up. I’m trying to decide whether to get a used Mac Pro tower. Do any of you have experience running Toon Boom Studio 8 on a Mac Pro with the latest version of Yosemite? I won’t be online and I won’t be running other programs besides TBS 8. I know I’ll need at least a 2010 or later so it can have a pair of powerful enough graphic cards - like an Nvidia GTX 760, 960 or 770 with at least 2G total. Will I have any problems working this way - is this adequate graphics power if I beef up the ram to 6 GB or so?

Also - I should add that I work almost exclusively in bitmap - hardly any vector.

Well, I am still running TBS 5 with OS X Yosemite / NVIDIA GTX 680 without any problems…
I see no reason why TBS 8 should work as well… (presumably even better).
Still in doubt ? contact support: https://store.toonboom.com/contact/support

That’s good to know. Do you do a lot of bone deformations?

TBS 5 doesn’t have “Bones” yet…

Upgraded to Animate Pro 3 a while ago, “Bones” working there extremely well with my system.

Are you working mostly in bitmap or vector? I’m told that makes a huge difference.

Yes, it does, lots of Bitmaps can easily overload any system, especially when using HD-formats.
If so, keep your projects short, then assemble in your favourite video editor.
As I draw directly in Toon Boom my image of choice is Vector, using Bitmaps fairly rarely.