TBS 7 review

This may not be a welcomed post. But it might help someone in making a decision in purchasing TBS 7.

There was no demo. I wasn’t going to buy without trying first, but then they dropped the price 55% to $149 and I bought. After 24 hours, I realized it really wasn’t what I expected from the marketing videos. I really wanted to use robo skeleton to simplify making bones and skeletons.

After 2 weeks of being fully underwhelmed, I realized I was using Adobe CS6 for everything and then bringing it to TBS to do the lip sync.

I reached out to customer support to get a refund… they tried helping me with my complaints (which I list below) then customer care said they’d call me to get me the refund. They never called… but instead deleted the ticket from their system.

My complaints are:
Line quality: The marketing video says this will do vector animation, as well as other types (tradigital, vector, etc.) But in TBS, every line I draw - even with smoothing at it’s highest value (10.) It has jagged edges. I can’t get a smooth line.

Paint tools: The marketing videos raved about the paint tools. But the tools are limited… and I can’t get the quality I want. I still end up using Photoshop for tradigital and Flash for vector based animation.

Robo Skeleton: The marketing video made this look slick. But in reality it’s rather complex to use, and very limited. It has only 7 preset animations and most of them are pointless (crouch, dance 1, dance 2, dance3.)

In the end, I’m doing most of the work Flash, Photoshop, and other software then importing to TBS to do lip sync. But this seems rather expensive to do lip sync’ing. I just don’t see the upside in using TBS over the CS6 suite. I would have said the price point, but at $30 for the entire CS6 suite, along with all updates and cloud storage…

I wanted to love TBS, to have a easier way of setting up bones, skeletons, have a library of animations in robo skeleton, have great paint/drawing tools to make very nice images… and i felt let down on every single point.

Hi Brian,

Rest assured that we do not delete tickets and we do answer all of them.
I had sent you a response in ticket #3538 via our Help Desk system.
Perhaps it did not reach you, so I will forward it to you again.

It is unfortunate you could not benefit from using Toon Boom Studio 7.
We have gotten very positive feedback on it!

Each point you brought up could have been addressed and easily resolved;
yet I understand you are comfortable with applications you have already learned. If at some point you would like to learn TBS, we would be happy to assist you. We also invite you to contact us if ever you wish to request a trial not available online.

Best regards always,
Customer Support
Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Thanks Debbie,

I’ll keep working with TBS. Thanks for all your help and assistance.

I was able to improve the line quality issue by turning on some presets in the display options. I also was able to get regular bones added to some test characters (not robo skeleton, but just adding bones) and that worked fairly well. I can see the desire to get Animate, for the IK handles though.

Thanks again for helping me out.