TBS 7.1 issue with Motion tool

I bought Tony Ross’ DVD and it is really great to learn TBS but I am having a problem with the Chapter 7 tutorials. I attached my object to a peg - and if I do not have my object at the center of the canvas there is an offset to the center of the motion trail. I’ve tried moving it but it won’t move. Has anyone run into this issue?
Also, when I attach a peg to my object and animate the peg so I can see the motion trail, I wanted to change position midway through animation. So I positioned the timeline position marker to midway, clicked the motion trail button and moved the object up and the motion trail adjusted to a peak. I then went into the properties panel but no adjustment area is there. There is no Tension, Continuity, or Bias controls. I followed all of the steps and the first time it worked. Every time after that it has not. I have restarted TBS and my computer and nothing. I’m so frustrated. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or is it a bug? If it is a bug, will upgrading to v8 fix it?

Macbook Pro
OSX v.10.8.5

As far as I know, in TBStudio, the Peg’s Motion Path is always created at the Centre of the Canvass ?
I am still using Studio 5, not sure if that has changed with version 8 ?

You need Animate 3 and above to have the “Spline Offset” feature available.

To access the Tension, Continuity, Bias control via the Properties Panel you have to select a keyframe in the Canvass.

In TBStudio’s Preferences / Sceneplanning you might like and set the Default Motion Points all to 0.00.

If you like, here is a short video demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all fairly easy and straight-forward)


Thanks Nolan for the reply. After more fooling around I stumbled on the fact that you have to click in the canvas to modify the motion path. Seems kinda weird that you can’t click keyframe on timeline and still adjust the Tension, Continuity, or Bias…but I guess TB has their reasons.

Thanks again!