TBS 7.1 Data Execution Prevention

I’ve been running TBS 7 for a few months, and 7.1 for a few weeks and on my recent project I keep crashing the program as I’m trying to cut and paste keyframes in a project that runs 5000 frames (24fps in full HD). The error message reads Data Execution Prevention. When I go to the control panels and try and give “Toon boom” an exemption, it tells me I may not run Toon Boom with the exemption (all computer mumbo jumbo to me).

To keep from over burdening the processor, I turn off as many of the graphics layers at a time but I’m still encountering this. Any info on this?

My computer has 10 GB Ram

Basically Data Execution Prevention is preventing you from using more memory than is allocated for the program.

5000 frames of Animation in a single scene may be a too little much. Remember that TBS is a 32-bit application and as such can only use up to a limit of 1.7 GB of RAM, probably less in fact.

Try using the Scene Manager in TBS to create multiple scenes for your project and try to keep the frame count of each scene lower (remember that it’s best to limit a scene to one logical “shot”).

Thanks… that must be it… I usually do shorter scenes, but this one is about 4000 frames (24 fps).

Have just purchased TBS 7.1. The DEP error comes up even if I want to export a single frame!! Crashes instantly! I am using a dual core (3GB Ram), Win Vista (32bit). The only format it exports is as flash movie (where Blur effects layers go missing!). Please Help!!!

Have you installed the Quicktime player?