TBS 6 output at higher resolutions for printing

Hi–I just switched to TBS 6 from TBS 4.5. I’m trying to output images for printing, but when I go into Animation Properties and try to change the camera size to larger than 2048 x 2048, it won’t let me.

Is this something they changed in version 5 or 6? I regularly need to output print-quality images, and 2048 x 2048 won’t work. I’ve converted my files to TBS 6, so I can’t go back to 4.5.

Any insight on how to output high-quality images would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried outputting frames to PDF, but the vector quality is not retained and the line work looks pretty terrible.



I have the same problem. Could one of the devs please remove the arbitrary 2048 max size export?

I use other programs for post-processing, and this arbitrary limit makes toonboom completely unusable for my studio.