TBS 6 Export crashing on Background Graphic

So I have been working on a project. I have exported it a couple of times without a problem.
Recently I have added a scene, I put it in between two other scenes. Now everytime I try and export it I get a crash at 73%.

Twice when I was exporting I got a message that said it could not import that background file into the project? But all of the other times it just crashes.

I have tried to re import that file, rename all of my scene names, import that .jpg then save it to the Global library. Save it to the global library then pull it into the project from there and nothing seems to be working…

Any ideas?

Just to follow up with a little more info.

Message says: Unable to Load the Image file Painting Desk 02-1.tga [E1010]

I have noticed that there is a Bitmap folderinside of the Scene folder that has .tga files in it.

What is that for? I notice that the file is not in the secene 17 folder. Going to try and replace it manually and try again. Sucks because each time I try and render this it takes 1/2 hour to 3/4 of an hour.


For whatever reason when I added the scene into the project it did not create a .tga file in the animation folder of the library.

By copying and pasting this in from another scene that had the same background I was able to fix this.

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the .tga files is?

Can anyone tell me why TBS wouldn’t create that file in the first place?

If I didn’t have a copy of the .tga file from another scene I would have been screwed. Is there a way to make TBS create those files?

Hi Dunkman

Each scene’s image folder contains a TGA copy of every image you import for that scene. For years, TGA has been used in animation software since it is a lossless format that supports alpha channels (for transparency). TBS can’t create those TGA since they should be imported. How did you add that extra scene? Did you duplicate an existing one?

TBS copies images to TGA and copies them in the project’s folder to solve file management issues I guess. Backup a project on a DVD or external hard drive and everything i in there: backgrounds, overlays, sounds, drawings… You don’t need to hunt down files all over your computer.

Also, if you want to modify a background, you can just overwrite the TGA in the folder instead of re-importing a new picture.

Well that’s just it. i don’t know exactly what I did. The problem is that whatever I did I did within the confines of toon boom and didn’t copy and paste folders etc.

Like I said I managed to fix it so there is no lost art.

Pretty happy with things right now.