TBS 6 - Custom shortcuts not sticking around

In TBS 6, I’m trying to set my own keyboard shortcuts. They work until I quit the program and re-launch it. Then they’re gone. They stuck around in versions 4 and 5.

Hi there,

Can I ask you what operating system you are working on? You are correct to assume it should work the same way in 6.0.

Hi Lindsay,

I’m on a Mac, system 10.5.8. I’ve been corresponding with Juho there at Toon Boom for a week or so about this. You might want to check with him if you’re wondering how it’s turning out.



I´m having the same problem as Lindsay. Has anyone found a solution to it?

I´m on a Mac (10.6.5).

This problem has been addressed in the most recent build of TBS 6.0. You will be able to download it this week in your account page of the software.

You can contact support@toonboom.com for more information.