TBS 5 taking too long to export .mov file


This has never happened before!

For a week now, it’s taking forever (45 min - 1 hr) to export a 6-sec scene. Any idea as to why?

I did not change the settings – has TB updated the software?

I’m using TBS 5, Windows XP. I normally export movie in .mov format (YouTube). I am NOT trying to upload to YouTube! I am simply trying to EXPORT .mov file (YouTube).

Exporting SWF = poor quality (it skips); exporting QuickTime also takes long and the quality is poor, as well… Exporting .mov (YouTube) so far has worked perfectly. Until just recently.

At first, it wouldn’t even start the export. I sat for almost an hour waiting for the export to start before I hit the cancel button. Then my computer froze!

The following day, I tried it again, and it took 45 mins - 1 hour to export a 6-sec scene! It normally would take no longer than 10 min to export that same scene.

Contacted TB Help Desk; talked to Juho (sp?), did as he suggested (changed the settings in QT) nothing seems to be working.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

(I can send my project via email attachment if need-be. Tried uploading it to help desk, weird thing happened – someone else’s file was attached to my ticket at help desk, don’t know what happened to mine!)


Adrienne S.

Setting the quality to best may be exceeding your system’s memory and it then uses the virtual memory which is unused hard drive space on the Mac (Virtual memory is uses on Windows) and much slower than using system RAM.

Be aware that it’s not only the length and resolution of the project but also the number and types of special effects used. Any type of transparency effect (glows, shadows,
blurs…) are very demanding on the graphic resources. Try to avoid having other programs running when you export, it may help.