TBS 5 - Previous drawings look like they're in Stroke View


We have a TBS 5 station that displays previous drawings in stroke view but without the fill, just the outline even though the current frame is in normal view. We tried switching back and forth between Quartz 2D and Open GL to no avail. We keep it at Open GL all the time, by the way. Does this mean this particular license just needs software upgrades? It’s the only one behaving this way. We also have five or so other stations running TBS 5. This station is a Mac Mini on Mac OSX 10.4x Leopard. Would appreciate it if you guys can send us some advice. Thanks!

Well, I guess, you’re talking about the Onion Skin feature…?If so…?Go to View / Onion Skin / check/uncheck Show Outline on Onion Skin…RegardsNolan

Thanks for the help! That really was the problem.